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Evangecube | eCube Classic | Fun & Portable Evangelism Cube


Evangecube | eCube Classic | Fun & Portable Evangelism Cube 00048
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The EvangeCube by E3 Resources, NOW AVAILABLE IN SOUTH AFRICA, is a seven-picture cube that simply and clearly unfolds the gospel of Jesus Christ. The cube begins showing the separation of man from God and progressively opens to reveal Christ's death on the cross, open tomb, Christ's resurrection, heaven and hell, and followers of Christ. Each cube comes packed in an attractive box with directions in English for presenting the salvation message. Highly portable and usable in any language, the EvangeCube is a preferred tool for mission trips and church outreach events.

Helpful and compact, our Fun & Portable Evangelism Cube (eCube Classic) is perfect to bring anytime, anywhere! This is an ideal gift for family, friends, Pastors, youth leaders, Sunday school teachers, missionaries, Lay Leaders, and more who want to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ more simply and interestingly to young adults and kids. Only at 7cm in size, this easy to use evangelism puzzle cube allows you to be creative in bringing and sharing the Gospel with you anywhere you go.

The eCube Classic (7cm) is made for everyone! Parents, Kids, Pastors, Youth Leaders, Sunday School Teachers, Missionaries, Lay Leaders and more can share this creative, easy-to-use puzzle to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to life. eCube Classic or evangelism puzzle cube.

  • 7cm in length & 150g in weight
  • Evangecube | eCube Classic | Fun & Portable Evangelism Cube
    Evangecube | eCube Classic | Fun & Portable Evangelism Cube
    Evangecube | eCube Classic | Fun & Portable Evangelism Cube
    Evangecube | eCube Classic | Fun & Portable Evangelism Cube
    Evangecube | eCube Classic | Fun & Portable Evangelism Cube
    Evangecube | eCube Classic | Fun & Portable Evangelism Cube

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