Africa Mission
Church planting and growth | Supporting church communities in RSA, Malawi and Mozambique
JAM supports churches in RSA, Malawi and Mozambique. We visit these churches and communities and supply them with the necessary tools and leadership training to grow their churches and better their communities.
Lilongwe  ( Capital City)    
M’bindo Village (50km outside of Lilongwe)    
 Pastor & Wife: Stopher & Grace Linde (left)
with their daughters and grandchild.
  Their church building.
There is currently 165 believers is this church.

Kasupe Village (50km outside of Lilongwe + 3km walk)

KasupePP   KasupeChurcha


Pastor & Wife - Patrick & Chrisie Chinkhadze with their 3 children.

  Their church building.
There is currently 66 believers is this church.
Biriwiri Village (28km outside of Ntcheu)    
BiriwiriPP   BiriwiriChurch

Pastor & Wife- Milliward January & Gradece Kamenye
with their grandchildren.

  Their church building.
There is currently 80 believers is this church.

Diwiza Village (15km outside of Ntcheu)

DiwizaPP   DiwizaChurch1

Pastor & Wife - Nixon & Mary Gama (middle back)
with their children and grandchildren.
  Their church building.
There is currently 100 believers is this church.
Wanyemba Village (5km outside of Ntcheu)   NEW CHURCH PLANTED
MARCH 2014
WanyembaPP   WanyembaChurch
Pastor & Wife - Emmanuel & Susan Bwezani
with their children.
  They do not yet have a
church building.

Mwamadi Village (24km outside of Mulanje)

MwamadiPP   MwamadiChurch1

Pastor & Wife - Daston & Hannipher Kapata
with their daughter.
  Their church building.
There is currently 200 believers is this church.
Namitupa Village (20km outside of Mulanje)    
NamitupaPP   NamitupaChurch2

Pastor & Vrou – Brighton & Berther Kapata
with some of their grandchildren.
  Their church building.
There is currently 65 believers is this church.
 Mingwa VBK (24km outside of Mulanje)    
 MingwaPP    MingwaChurch1
Pastor's Wife and children – The Pastor of this church was working
in S-A but we are happy to report that he is back
with his congregation.
  Their church building - had no roof,
but it was finished in April '14.
(New pictures will be posted asap.)
There is currently 250 believers is this church.


The FBC has 10 churches in Central and Southern Malawi.
Malawi Churches
 Mozam<br />bique


The FBC has 7 churches in Southern Mozambique.
Mozambique Churches

General Information

Malawi is a Christian majority nation with a sizable Muslim population centered in the areas near the border with Mozambique.

Malawi, officially the Republic of Malawi, is a landlocked country in Southeastern Africa bordered by Tanzania, Zambia, and Mozambique. It is one of the smallest countries in Africa with an area of 45,460 square miles and an estimated population of 16.8 million. Lilongwe is the country’s capital and largest city. It is under the leadership of the president who is elected democratically. English is the country’s official language, but other ethnic languages are used.

Religions - Protestant Christianity 44%, Islam 19%, Roman Catholic Christianity 18%, Other Christians 13% and Other Beliefs or Irreligion 6%.

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According to the most recent national census, more than half of Mozambicans are Christian, though a significant Muslim presence is also felt.

The South African nation Mozambique gives its people full rights to practice any religion of their choice. However, no official religious holidays are there, but it allows its people to take leave on their respective religious days of observance. In this respect, it would be interesting to explore the religious beliefs in Mozambique.

Roman Catholic Christianity 28.4%, Atheist or Agnostic 18.7%, Islam (predominately Sunni) 17.9%, Zionist Protestant Christianity15.5%, Evangelical Protestant Christianity 10.9%, Other Beliefs 7.3%, Anglican Protestant Christianity 1.3%.

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Latest Mission Rapport

Here is the latest on what we are doing in Malawi and Mozambique and how you can contribute or get involved.

Training of Leaders 2023

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2021 Rapport

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December 2018 Rapport

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Sports Evangelism Youth Outreaches

Youth outreaches through sport taking off in Malawi.

Pastor Daston reports about the sports evangelism they are doing in Malawi.

This ministry has expanded into having a few Church Teams and having young people who has accepted Jesus into their lives and hearts and now share their testimonies and help me with the outreaches at events or practice.

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Pastors Testimonies

These are short interviews with some of the pastors from Malawi, telling us about their salvation and their work in the ministry.