Just Africa Mission (JAM)
Him we Preach and Proclaim - Colossians 1:28

Equipping believers to work for Christ. Evangelism and Training in our local community and Africa Mission.

Evang<br />elism
Tools, tips & guidance


Reach out to your community. There are many ways to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we show you how and equip you with the necessary tools.
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Bible<br />Study
Material & Guides


A growing range of Bible studies and study guides is available for group or individual study. Make disciples!
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Arti<br />cles
English & Afrikaans


We offer a large collection of written material on various topics. These can be used as sermon notes, for Bible study and group studies as well as your own edification.
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Mis<br />sion
Africa Mission


Church planting, growth, and leadership training. We support church communities in Malawi and Mozambique.
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Latest Mission Rapport 2021

Here is the latest on what we are doing in Malawi and Mozambique and how you can contribute or get involved.

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Africa Mission

Church planting, growth and supporting church communities in Malawi and Mozambique.
Mission Work
What we do

Mission Work

JAM works with the Free Baptist Church of South Africa in their mission to Africa. We visit the churches and communities annually and supply them with the necessary tools and training to grow their churches and better their communities. We also plant new churches, help with material to build their buildings and supply the necessary material to repair the old ones.

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Spreading Bibles
in Malawi & Mozambique

Spreading Bibles

There are between 60 and 250 believers in each church of whom 2 to 5 people own a Bible. We want to give a Bible to each person in their own language. A Chichewa Bible costs R80 each and at the moment we have so many believers who do not have a Bible of their own.

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Reach out to your community
Many people today say, "Why should I win souls?" "Isn't the preacher supposed to do that?" Yes! He is but so is every Christian.
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All eBooks are FREE, there are English as well as Afrikaans books available. Click the button below to browse the available electronic books.


End Times

Bible prophecies show us exactly the predicted direction today’s events are taking. And for those who make time to study Bible prophecies, you can see that developments in our world today point in only one direction – the Second Coming of our Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, to establish His Kingdom on earth.